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Current Projects


Substitute building materials in built biotope network elements of urban green infrastructure: Feasibility, life cycle assessment and ecosystem services (2022-2023)

How can mineral substitute building materials be used sustainably in Urban Green Infrastructure (UGI) structures/ construction projects?



Valorisation of ecosystem services of urban horticulture as part of urban green infrastructure in municipal development planning (2022-2024)

How should a GIS-based software be designed as a tool for municipal planning to quantify urban ecosystem services such as urban horticulture?


Climate Protection Concept of the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal

(2020-2023, continuation is requested)

How can emissions be neutralised in the area of energy and mobility by 2030 and in all university operations by 2050 at the latest?



Reuse of NORM Residues from the Titanium Industry in Vietnam (2023 – 2026)

How can radioactive mining residues from the titanium industry in Vietnam be safely used, along with the associated sustainable management of resources, land and water, including coastal protection?



Goals, requirements, strategies and tools for sustainable low water risk management

(2022-2025, project management Prof. Bachmann, AG Engineering Ecology contributes in the thematic field of socio-economics)

How can an instrument look like that supports authorities in low water risk management and takes water management, socio-economic and ecological aspects equally into account?


Input-Oriented Cap and Trade (IOCT)

Supply-side certificate trading for fuel extraction (since 2021)

What are the advantages of IOCT compared to output-oriented emissions trading systems such as the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and what are the key aspects to be considered for implementation?

Latest paper


KontraVital (Phase 1)

BiodivHealth: New health risks from biodiversity-related counterproductive ecosystem services in cities (KontraVital) (2023-2024)
(in cooperation with several departments of the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal).

Which possible impacts of urban green infrastructure can be perceived as harmful, unpleasant or undesirable (as "ecosystem disservices")? How can both positive ecosystem services and ecosystem disservices be taken into account in the sustainable planning of urban green infrastructure?

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International Collaboration for Sustainable Fisheries and Environmental Management in Bangladesh

Since 2018, Professor Dr. Petra Schneider of Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and Dr. Mohammad Mozumder from the University of Helsinki, Finland, have been leading a significant international collaboration focused on the sustainable management of small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh.

How do socio-economic and ecological factors interact to shape the sustainability of small-scale fisheries in Bangladesh? What effective strategies and frameworks are required to govern and enhance Bangladesh's coastal and marine ecosystem resilience? 

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Completed projects



Recycle  KBE 

Improving sustainability and strengthening urban green infrastructure by using substitute building materials in geogrid-reinforced soil structures (2020-2021)

How can primary raw materials such as gravel, crushed stone and topsoil be sustainably replaced by substitute building materials in construction applications?




Sand Supply Alternatives and Mitigation of River Dredging Hazards in Vietnam (2019-2022)

What technological and management-based methods are suitable for reducing the environmental impact of dredging in the Mekong Delta? What substitute construction materials could be used?




Transboundary Monitoring and Information System for Radioactive Contamination in the Event of Natural Hazards (2017-2020)

How can the discharge of radioactive mining residues be detected in time through a transnational environmental information and water management system in the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border region?

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Management of Mineral Resource Extraction in Hoa Binh Province - A Contribution to Sustainable Development in Vietnam (2015 - 2019)

How can material flows in the building materials industry in Vietnam be mapped to determine their impact on the environment and the resulting land use conflicts? What technical and management solutions are available?


Long-term stability of remediated uranium mining waste rock dumps

Long-term stability of remediated uranium mining waste rock dumps


Which  justified, technically and economically feasible methods are suitable for the remediation of former uranium mining dumps in Saxony?

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